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Global Business Case Studies

Authors Yasuo Nakatani / Ryan Smithers
Genres Four Skills / Economics / Business / Business English
Format B5 / 143P
Price 2,640yen(2,400yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972661
Audio Language Amer E
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This comprehensive textbook is designed to enable students to learn leadership and negotiation techniques through business case studies. What was Morinaga’s strategy to encourage Americans to buy Japanese sweets? What is Yamaha Motor’s sustainable business model for contributing to society in emerging and developing countries? Read about authentic business cases created by companies known around the world. Students will also acquire basic knowledge of business English in fields such as marketing. Tasks are available in TOEIC® format and also include discussion, allowing for a wide range of uses. The teacher’s materials include a quiz for each chapter.


Chapter 1     Marketing Mix in Emerging Countries

                ( Business Case Shiseido Thailand )

Chapter 2     Confectionery Marketing in Overseas Business 

                       ( Business Case Morinaga America, Inc. )

Chapter 3     Exploring Global Business and Enhancing People's Sustainable Value 

                       ( Business Case MUJI: Ryohin Keikaku )

Chapter 4     Globalization or Localization

                       ( Business Case Kao USA Inc. )

Chapter 5     Using a New Guerrilla Marketing Strategy as a Challenger 

                       ( Business Case Coca-Cola in Loas )

Chapter 6     Countering Innovators’ Dilemma 

                       ( Business Case Toshiba Vietnam )

Chapter 7     Enhancing Internal Communication of a Global Company 

                       ( Business Case Honda Motor )   

Chapter 8     Focus Strategy and Cost Leadership Strategy in Frozen Food Industry

                       ( Business Case Hatchando Vietnam )   

Chapter 9     Most Luxurious and Practical Accommodations 

                       ( Business Case Imperial Hotel ) 

Chapter 10   Creating a Japanese Luxury Brand

                       ( Business Case Toyota Lexus )

Chapter 11  The Species That Survives is the One That is the Most Adaptable to Change 

                       ( Business Case Tashiro Alloy Inc. )  

Chapter 12   BOP Business Enhancing Sustainable Development Goals 

                       ( Business Case Yamaha Motor's business in indonesia and Africa )   

Chapter 13   Connecting People with What’s Happening

                       ( Business Case Twitter Japan )   

Chapter 14   Uniting the World for a Better Tomorrow 

                       ( Business Case IC Net Limited )   

Chapter 15   Developing a Mobile Platform

                       ( Business Case Sumitomo Corporation Mongolia )

  (Total 15 Units)