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CLIL: Discuss the Changing World 2

Authors Miyako Nakaya / Miyuki Yukita / Masaru Yamazaki / Bill Benfield
Genres Four Skills / CLIL / Social Issues / Debate・Discussion /
Format B5 / 140P
Price 2,640yen(2,400yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972685
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's Manual (2nd printing)Reading Passages (2nd printing)


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This comprehensive teaching text, incorporating CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), is a follow-up to CLIL: Discuss the Changing World. It is designed to help students express their opinions by addressing issues that interest and engage them, including preparations for the growing number of natural disasters, plastic waste, online learning and other changes school life brought about by the corona pandemic, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Students will come to grips with the theme in the introduction, input information in graphs and tables, etc., make use of that information, and consolidate opinions individually and in groups in the second half of each unit, leading to the output stage. The teacher’s materials include a quiz for each chapter.


UNIT 1     Pandemic and People’s Lifestyle 

UNIT 2     The Circular Economy 

UNIT 3     Road to Decarbonization 

UNIT 4     Online Learning and School Life 

UNIT 5     Delivery Robots 

UNIT 6     Discrimination against Asian Americans 

UNIT 7     Gendered Division of Housework 

UNIT 8     Preparing for Emergencies 

UNIT 9     Ukraine and Afghanistan 

UNIT 10   Digital Society 

UNIT 11   Climate and Infectious Diseases 

UNIT 12   Overtourism and Undertourism 

UNIT 13   Multicultural Exchange in Japan 

UNIT 14   Changing Africa

UNIT 15   Helping People Make Better Choices

(Total 15 Units)