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2024 NEW

Active Reading Strategies Book 1


Authors Teruhiko Kadoyama / LiveABC editors
Genres Reading Skills / Linguaporta
Format A4変型判 / 152P
Price 2,750yen(2,500yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972869
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's ManualReading Passages (2nd Edition)Online question slides for use in class

Complete with online question slides for use in class.

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A pre-intermediate reading book with a focus on reading comprehension strategies (CEFR A2). Using high-quality English texts of around 400 words, it introduces a wide range of topics, from everyday themes to social issues and stories. The exercises are designed to keep students engaged, effectively incorporating vocabulary, grammar, and composition, as well as materials for online classes. Compatible with Linguaporta. The intermediate edition is scheduled for publication in 2025.

●The text is compatible with Linguaporta →for details


UNIT 1    Traveling the World’s Fascinating Libraries 

UNIT 2    Stomp: Music to See and Hear 

UNIT 3    The Bremen Town Musicians

UNIT 4    Interesting Laws Around the World

UNIT 5    The Olympic Games: A History of Firsts

UNIT 6    Recipes to Party With

REVIEW 1 (Units 1-6)

UNIT 7    Dancing in the Streetz: House of Hop

UNIT 8    Avoiding the Harms of Light

UNIT 9    Animals Under Threat 

UNIT 10  Minimalism: Less Is More

UNIT 11  You’re Joking, Right? 

UNIT 12  VR vs. AR: Visions of the Future

REVIEW 2 (Units 7-12) 

(Total 14 Units)