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Meet the World 2024

-English through Newspapers-

Authors Yasuhiko Wakaari
Genres Four Skills / Current English /
Format B5判 / 128P
Price 2,310yen(2,100yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972890
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Teacher's ManualReading Passages (2nd printing)


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This textbook consists of 20 articles from one of Japan’s leading English newspapers, The Japan News. Taking into account learners who are new to English newspapers and those who have trouble with longer texts, the articles are arranged based on word count and topic difficulty. Including an introduction to the particular features of newspaper English, the book aims at comprehensive development of the four skills, critical thinking and self-expression, as well as boosting note-taking skills. Teacher’s materials include four sets of exam questions and auxiliary tasks.


Unit 1   ChatGPT bot passes U.S. law school exam 

Unit 2   Smiley, dimpled sphinx statue unearthed in Egypt 

Unit 3   Gender pay progress stalls on ‘motherhood penalty’— study 

Unit 4   Sea ice in Antarctic at record low— US data center 

Unit 5   Hachijojima aims to make splash with whale sightings

Unit 6   Prototype spacesuit for future NASA mission to Moon unveiled  

Unit 7   Most Coming-of-Age Day events stick with 20-year-olds 

Unit 8   University campus security going high tech 

Unit 9   Attending intl schools poses diploma questions 

Unit 10 2-way plan hatched years ago takes Kuriyama, Ohtani to new heights 

Unit 11 Give and take: Clothing-swap services gain ground in Japan 

Unit 12 Company serves dried seaweed in the final frontier at JAXA’s request 

Unit 13 Regulations may be eased on minpaku vacation rentals 

Unit 14 Four-day working week ‘more productive’— UK study 

Unit 15 Ukrainian officials visit Japan for landmine removal equipment demo 

Unit 16 New research claims Leonardo da Vinci was son of a slave 

Unit 17 Women still barred as Afghan universities reopen for men 

Unit 18 ¥300 bil. fund to help universities set up science faculties 

Unit 19 Refugee from Taliban offers virtual tours of her homeland 

Unit 20 Long lost Madagascar songbird seen again in wild 

(Total 20 Units)