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Total Strategy for the TOEIC® Test

with Self-Study CD

Authors Takayuki Ishii / Osamu Yamaguchi / Hidetaka Mawatari / Yuko Matsumura / Thomas Koch
Genres TOEIC® TOEIC® [Supplementary] / LinguaPorta
Format B5 / 112P
Price 2,000yen(2,160yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791905539
target score
Audio Language Amer E / Brit E
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TM Total Strategy for the TOEIC® TestTeacher's CD Total Strategy for the TOEIC Test

The text is also supported by Linguaporta.

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Key Features
◆Comprehensive TOEIC preparation text divided by theme
◆Methodical test-taking techniques for each section are explained in Japanese
◆Vocabulary and expressions that are frequently seen on the TOEICtest are emphasized
◆Exercises reflect the redesigned format of the TOEICtest
◆Listening sections feature different English accents
◆Teacher's manual includes mini-vocabulary check quizzes and dictation scripts
◆Unit Structure: [Listening Section]: Vocabulary Check 1/ Vocabulary Check 2/ Pictures/ Question-Response/ TOEIC Listening Tip/ Short Conversation/ Short Talk [Reading Section]: Vocabulary Tip/ Vocabulary Check 3/ Vocabulary List/ Exercises 
◆Table of Contents: Computers and Society/ Business Transaction/ At the Office/ Cars and Society/ Eating and Drinking/ Shopping/ Entertainment/ Accidents & Crimes/ Teaching & Learning/ Medicine & Hospitals/ Finance and Banks/ Economy and Industry/ Geography and Travels/ Weather and Climate (14 Chapters total)


As of the TOEIC test was redesigned to include such major changes as the adoption of different accents of English in the listening section and the elimination of error-recognition questions in the reading section. Designed in accordance with the new test format, Total Strategy for the TOEICTest teaches effective strategies for achieving a high score on the new format of the TOEICtest.