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English Challenger

Authors Kyoko Okamoto / Benedict Rowlett / Aya Kinoshita / Sara Ellis
Genres Four Skills / Grammar・Sentence Pattern
Format B5 / 108P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791910168
Audio Language Amer E
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TM English ChallengerTeacher's CD Review Test 1, 2, Vocabulary List

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The definitive course for simple English reading comprehension. A new textbook for learners who are looking for an easy-to-use course.

This course provides ideal training for students from understanding English structure at sentence level to comprehending longer passages. With passages from 260 to 300 words in length, it provides a bridge from elementary to intermediate level. Topics covered range from personal ones such as the ideal marriage or the perfect workplace to social issues such as space research and stem cell treatment. At the end of the book is a glossary with example sentences that can be used for self-study, and the teacher’s book contains questions for each unit as well as two practice tests.


Moving School (Finding the subject and predicate verb) / Care-providing Robots (Distinguishing main and subsidiary clauses) / Space Hotels (Understanding infinitives) / Religious Summit (Understanding differences between relative pronouns) / The Best Company to Work For (Understanding the difference between tenses) / Computers of the Future (Avoiding confusion with parenthetical expressions) / Uncontacted Tribes (Understanding the passive voice) / A Simple Trick to Staying Young (Understanding auxiliaries), etc. (14 units)