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Speed Reading with the TOEIC® Test Vocabulary

with Self-Study CD

Authors Joan McConnell / Shuichi Takeda
Genres Four Skills / TOEIC® TOEIC® [Supplementary]
Format B5 / 104P
Price 1,900yen(2,052yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791910335
Audio Language Amer E / Brit E / 他
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TM Speed Reading with the TOEIC Test Vocabulary

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Speed Reading with The TOEICTest Vocabulary features a variety of different stimulating reading passages that are centered around the vocabulary that is featured on the TOEICtest. The interesting readings and accompanying exercises are a great way to strengthen reading and comprehension skills while warming up for the TOEICtest.

Key Features
◆Exciting, up to date reading passages written by an experienced American linguistics professor 
◆Topics selected based on student feedback
◆Readings in the later chapters intentionally include vocabulary previously featured in the early chapters in order to reinforce memory 
◆Grammar exercises are in the style of the new version of the TOEICTest
◆TOEICTest Part 1 contains statements that are frequently featured on the listening section of the TOEICtest
◆American, British and Australian accents are used in the recordings
◆Each unit comes with: Photo/ Key Words for TOEIC/ Reading Passage/ Comprehension Questions T/F/ Grammar Exercises for TOEIC/ Listen and Repeat/ Optional Exercises/ TOEIC Test Part 1/ Minimal Phrases/ Intelligence Oasis & Coffee Break
◆Table of Contents: Never Give Up/ Communicating with your Cell Phone/ Different Cultures, Different Superstitions/ The Story of Amazing Grace/ Communicating with People You Don't Like/ A Story of Eternal Love/ Cool Japan/ Words That Change Your Life/ Everybody Needs a Friend/ Colors and Culture/ Communicating with People You Like/ Pocahontas/ A Song of Peace/ Don't Be a Shrinking Violet!/ The Power of Love
(15 chapters total)