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Rapid Reading with TOEIC® Test Vocabulary

Authors Joan McConnell / Shuichi Takeda
Genres Four Skills / TOEIC® ・TOEIC® [Supplementary]
Format B5 / 100P
Price 1,900yen(2,090yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791945726
Audio Language Amer E
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Rapid Reading with TOEICTest Vocabulary is designed to help students learn how to read faster and with better accuracy. The variety of exercises and interesting reading passages will also increase student's comprehension, grammar and listening skills.

Key Features
◆15 different interesting topics that students can relate to
◆Variety of different exercises 
◆Basic vocabulary is used to promote speed reading
◆Unit Structure: Key Words for TOEIC/ Reading Passage/ Comprehension Questions T/F/ Grammar Exercises for TOEIC/ Listen and Repeat/ Optional Exercises/ Listening Exercises for TOEIC/ Sentences with TOEIC Vocabulary
◆Table of Contents: Falling in Love/ An American Breakfast in Kyoto/ You are the Sunshine of My Life/ Friends are Important/ Hair and Your Personality/ The Tree of Life/ Fashion Expresses Your Identity/ Peace is Beautiful/ Candles in the Dark/ Eating Healthy/ Listen to the Little Voice/ Everybody Needs a Hero/ A Beautiful Letter/ Follow Your Dream/ English: An Investment for Your Future (15 Chapters total)