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A New Threshold for the TOEIC® Test Listening

Authors Makoto Kurata / Todd Thorpe / Naoko Fujikura
Genres Listening [Supplementary] / TOEIC® ・TOEIC® [Supplementary]
Format B5 / 56P
Price 900yen(990yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791910403
target score
Audio Language Amer E / Brit E
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As reflected in its title, A New Threshold for the TOEICTest Listening is a ground-breaking text that aims to raise TOEIC®test listening scores by studying proper English pronunciation. Improving pronunciation can lead to higher listening scores because students are better able to recognize and distinguish similar sounding English words.

Key Features

◆ Systematic training in proper English pronunciation 
◆ Highlights common pronunciation mistakes that Japanese students make Example: vowels and consonants
◆ Each unit contains a mini TOEIC®Listening test to reinforce the pronunciation points 
◆ Unit Structure: Pronunciation Point/ Picture Questions/ Question-Response/ Short Conversation/ Short Talk/ One more step
◆ Table of Contents: greenhouse v. green house/ live v. leave/ bet v. bat/ let v. late/ law v. low/ Review Unit (1)/ bag v. bug/ luck v. lock/ heart v. hurt/ pack v. back/ hair v. fair/ Review Unit (2)/ cars v. cards/ show v. sew/ sin v. thin/ vest v. best/ light v. right/ Review Unit (3)/ bear v. bare/ meet you, send you, miss you etc./ keep on, cover up, sign up, etc./ make it up, get it in, etc./ pick him up, push her in, etc./ Review Unit (4) 
(24 Units Total)