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Topic by Topic TOEIC® Listening

Authors Shari J. Berman / Alice L. Bratton / Phillip Brown / Makoto Hayasaka
Genres Listening [Supplementary] / TOEIC® ・TOEIC® [Supplementary]
Format B5 / 48P
Price 900yen(990yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791945610
target score
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's Manual

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The aim of Topic By Topic TOEIC Listening is to help students enhance their overall listening comprehension skills through authentic listening exercises.

Key Features
◆Short step-by-step exposure to authentic listening
◆Organized by topic to increase comprehension skills
◆Pre-intermediate level
◆Unit Structure: Warming up/ Pictures/ Question-Response/ Short Conversations/ Short Talk 
◆Table of Contents: Wish You Were Here/ Get Well Soon/ Money Makes the World Go Round/ May the Force Be with You!/ Bon Voyage/ For Here or to Go?/ What's your E-mail Address?/ Taking Care of Business/ Shop ‘Till You Drop/ You Can't Miss It/ Go Team Go/ Talk to the Animals/ Up, Up and Away/ On the Sunny Side of the Street/ Family Fun/ Do the Clothes Make the Man?/ You're Getting on My Nerves!/ What's Cooking?/ Stop! Thief!/ Putting a Square Peg in a Round Hole/ Money Talks/ The Daily Grind/ What Do You Do?/ It's a Sign of the Times (24 Lessons total)