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AFP Science Report

with Self-Study DVD/Linguaporta

Authors Atsushi Mukuhira / Bill Benfield / Tomoko Tsujimoto / Junko Murao
Genres DVD / LinguaPorta
Format B5 / 100P
Price 2,500yen(2,750yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791912889
Audio Language Amer E / Brit E
For Members
Teacher's Manual (2nd printing)Teacher's CD for TM Mini-test

♦The text is also supported by Linguaporta

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  We may not be able to respond to requests from teachers who teach privately or have small classes.

This comprehensive DVD-based course contains a wealth of topics featuring cutting-edge science and technology, from everyday uses to space exploration. Explore the world of science with AFP.

Using video news clips from AFP, this integrated skills textbook presents a wide variety of cutting-edge science and technology topics. While the basic aim of the text is to develop increased proficiency in the basics of English for science and technology, it will also improve practical English competence with exercises stressing listening comprehension and speaking, as well as various sentence patterns found widely in ESP materials in the field of science and technology. The comprehensive material in the teacher’s manual includes mini-tests and review questions for each unit. Support material is also available through the Linguaporta system.


(Technology and the Individual) New Look for Luxury Cars / Net Surfing for Robots / Flying Solo / A New Dimension in Printing / (Engineering and the Community) New York’s New Tower/ 3D Fireworks / Africa’s First High-Speed Train / Gambling on the Dreamliner / Wraparound Cinema / (Science, Technology and Society) Robotic Seniors / Restoring the Ruins / Fight Against AIDS Continues / Get Wells Soon! / Experimenting With Life / (Earth, Space and Science) Space Shuttle’s Final Farewell / Happy Feet to Start Walking Soon / Warmer Canada Means Better Wine / Frozen Coral / Robot on Mars (Total 20 units)

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