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AFP SciTech Futures


Authors Atsushi Mukuhira / Bill Benfield / Tomoko Tsujimoto / Seiko Otsuka / Kazuya Kurazono / Hiroki Takikawa / Mariko Yuasa / Keiko Matsumoto
Genres Online Video Streaming / Science / LinguaPorta /
Format B5 / 96P
Price 2,500yen(2,750yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791972319
Audio Language Amer E
For Members
Teacher's ManualTeacher's CD_Mini Tests ②

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Drawing from AFP news videos, this four-skills text brings together a selection of cutting-edge science and technology topics such as rocket-powered cars, living on Mars, and developing lithium deposits. This would an ideal ESP text for students in science faculties. While naturally providing an opportunity to acquire competence in basic English for science and engineering, it also has useful listening-based exercises focusing on comprehension and pronunciation that will boost practical English skills. The teacher’s manual has a mini-test for each unit as well as fixed-term tests. Video and audio material can be used with tablets and smartphones. The text is compatible with Linguaporta.


Dissolving Bags
Farm beneath the Streets
Mechanics are Men―Think Again!
Pets Get Highclass Health Care
Life with the Iron Lady
Drone for the Disabled
Life-saving Minutes
Mites vs Parasites
Gearing up for a New Top Speed
New Skin from a Printer
Caring for Strays
Coal before Comfort
Lifesaving Lake
Protecting an Ancient City
Lots and Lots of Lithium, etc.
(Total 20 Units)

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