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Listening Lounge


Authors Steve Ziolkowski / Gary Buck / Makoto Shishido
Genres Listening・Speaking / LinguaPorta
Format B5 / 120P
Price 2,200yen(2,420yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791930913
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's ManualTeacher's CD for Exam 1-4

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Listening Lounge is a fun, effective, and interesting task-based listening/speaking book complete with 3 full-audio CDs designed for false-beginner or pre-intermediate students (and their teachers) at Japanese colleges and universities. Listening Lounge helps students improve their listening comprehension and speaking skills by first explaining the concepts and strategies underlying listening and then providing practical, personal, engaging, and communicative activities that practice those concepts.

Listening Lounge is a fun, effective, and interesting task-based listening/speaking book complete with 3 full-audio CDs that helps Japanese students improve their listening comprehension through theory and practice.
Listening Lounge comes with a free Teacher's Guide with bilingual transcripts and four 30-minute assessments tests that allow teachers not only to teach but also evaluate student progress.
Listening Lounge's unique introduction explains how students can become better listeners.
The topic-driven curriculum is based on the Council of Europe Threshold level but has been modified to suit Japanese students, ensuring both pedagogical thoroughness and cultural appropriateness.
The 24 units of classroom material give Listening Lounge users much-needed curriculum and scheduling flexibility.
Every 5-page unit has a variety of listening tasks to increase motivation, while Listening Lounge's speaking activities focus on personalization so students practice what they learn while talking about their own lives.
The Student Book and accompanying CDs include a Speed It Up section recorded at three different but natural speeds to train listeners in processing passages at real-world speeds.
A Listening Tip factoid in each unit teaches students how listening works, reinforcing awareness and the information from the book's introduction.
Review sections every 6 units help students remember what they've learned and reinforce the fundamental principles of listening comprehension.

Unit Structure
Vocabulary & useful expressions/ Grammar / Listening practice / Get it right / Speed it up / Fill it out / Use it / Go for it


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