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Debating Current Issues

Authors Toru Nishimoto / Beryl Hawkins
Genres Four Skills / Debate・Discussion
Format B5 / 104P
Price 1,980yen(1,800yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791931156
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's Manual (2nd printing)


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This book presents problems concerning human behavior and social phenomena, stimulating debate by encouraging students to consider both sides of the issues. It will be extremely useful in developing the knowledge and skills necessary for life in a globalized era.

Key Features
Designed to improve students' critical thinking and debating skills
Topics include: Cell phones/Students Evaluation/The Gender Gap/ Japanese Anime/ Foreigners in Sumo/ Internet, etc. (in total 15 chapters)


Cell Phones / Student Evaluations / The Gender Gap / Japanese Anime /
Global Food Shortage / The Oil Crisis / The True Spirit of the Olympics /
Foreigners in Sumo / Robots / Internet / New Work Styles / Handling Stress /
Management / GM Food / Health Care (全15章)