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2021 NEW

CBS NewsBreak 5

Authors Nobuhiro Kumai / Stephen Timson
Genres Online Video Streaming /
Format B5 / 120P
Price 2,400yen(2,640yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791972302
Audio Language Amer E
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Taken from CBS, one of America’s big three broadcasting networks, these videos have been specially selected from the main “CBS Evening News” and the morning news show “CBS This Morning”. In addition to US-based news, there are stories from Japan including features on an elementary school student with expert English skills and the #KuToo movement. All of these will give students insights into how Americans think. The teacher’s manual contains guidance points, example answers for critical thinking activities, teaching plans, mini-tests, and useful links for supplementary information.


Language Lessons
U.S. Consumers Waste Food
Keeping eSports Athletes in the Game
Adulting Classes for Millennials
Is Your Bottled Water Safe?
Sleepless in Japan
Alarming New Climate Report
Cracking the Dress Code: #KuToo Movement
Grammar Table Lady Offers Advice
Halloween Treats for Kids with Disabilities
A Tax on Tourism?
Japan Really Loves Kit Kat Bars
Mindfulness: Schools in England Teach Students to Relax
Connecting through Cursive
The Great Train Race: Rail Service in Japan and the U.S.
(Total 15 Units)