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CBS NewsBreak 6

Authors Nobuhiro Kumai / Stephen Timson
Genres Online Video Streaming /
Format B5 / 144P
Price 2,860yen(2,600yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972678
Audio Language Amer E
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Teacher's ManualScript CDPowerPoint for Online Lesson

Complete with online explanatory slides (PowerPoint) for use in class.

♦ Students are also able to view streaming video material on PCs, smartphones or tablets.  

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Features videos from CBS Television’s award-winning news shows, CBS Evening News and CBS Mornings. Covers the latest U.S. news, lifestyle and trends, diversity, and Americans dealing with various social and pandemic issues, also American views of Japanese lifestyle: surfing, Japan’s unique vending machines and koban. Text exercises develop and improve all four language skills, with activities for retelling, expressing opinion and critical thinking. Dialogues introduce popular idiomatic terms and recycle new vocabulary. Teacher’s Manual includes:teaching tips, sample lesson plans and quizzes, detailed answers to exercises, useful links to supplemental information.

●Students are able to view video material on PCs, smartphones or tablets. →for details


UNIT 1     Young Boy Seeks to Spread His Love of Literacy

UNIT 2     Graduation Day Surprise

UNIT 3     A Mission to Help the Homeless

UNIT 4     Fly Me to the Moon ― Space X to Fly Japanese Billionaire to Moon ― 

UNIT 5     A Man on the Bench by the Beach 

UNIT 6     COVID Vaccine Inequalities 

UNIT 7     Surfing in Japan 

UNIT 8     A New Beat ― High School Students Learn the Music Business ― 

UNIT 9     Vintage Office Gear Making a Comeback During Pandemic

UNIT 10   Virtual Tutors ― Teens Offer Free Tutoring to Kids ―

UNIT 11   Thanksgiving ― A Time of Gratitude and Reflection ―

UNIT 12   You’ve Got a Friend ― New York Woman Starts Movement to Unite Strangers ―

UNIT 13   Japan’s Love of Vending Machines

UNIT 14   Dreams Deferred ― College Seniors Struggle with Changing Job Market 

                 Amid Pandemic ―

UNIT 15   Policing in Japan ― How the Koban and Police Force Keep Citizens Safe

                 and Secure ―

(Total 15 Units)


Each unit contains the following activities:

Before You Watch: Discussion questions preview the topic and activate background knowledge about the content of the unit

Word Match: Vocabulary exercises help students learn the new words they will encounter in the news stories

Getting the Gist (First Viewing): Brief multiple-choice questions prepare students for the video segment by summarizing the main idea of the news report topic, stimulating active listening, and keeping students engaged as they watch and listen

Getting into Details (Second Viewing): Short comprehension questions presented at several intervals within the video scripts check learner understanding, and help break down content into easy-to-comprehend segments

Summary: Helps students identify and organize the main points of the news story

New! Retelling the News Story: An oral summarizing activity that helps learners understand sequence, learn to organize and describe events, and analyze stories and build oral language skills as they acquire related vocabulary

New! In My Opinion: A brief, structured writing and speaking activity that helps learners place the news story in personal context, vocalize their thinking, and generate arguments and responses related to others’ opinions and ideas

Conversation in Action: Features short, unit-themed dialogues that allow learners to practice conversation using real, colloquial English including new vocabulary, popular idioms and slang

New! Conversation in Action Challenge: A collaborative speaking activity that helps learners work together to plan, draft, revise, and practice a unit-themed, level-appropriate dialogue using new terms and vocabulary learned in the unit

Critical Thinking: Discussion and writing exercises and optional class activities designed to develop critical thinking skills and help learners focus and expand on various issues in personal, cultural, and social contexts, and use language in a way that is meaningful and relevant