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CBS NewsBreak 4

Authors Nobuhiro Kumai / Stephen Timson
Genres Online Video Streaming /
Format B5 / 120P
Price 2,400yen(2,640yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791971862
Audio Language Amer E
For Members
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Discover America through popular CBS news videos. See Japan through American eyes.

The video clips come from CBS, one of the three major networks in the US. This carefully selected recent information drawn from news broadcasts on "CBS Evening News" and the morning information program "CBS This Morning," reflects contemporary American society. In addition, there are Japan-related features looking at topics such as Japan’s unique rental business as well as the latest in robotic engineering. This material provides a great opportunity to find out how Japan is seen abroad. Streaming videos is also available for students.

Features a comprehensive bilingual Teacher’s Manual that includes complete Japanese translations and helpful descriptions and teaching tips, useful Internet links for supplemental information, extra student activities and discussion strategies for Critical Thinking sections.


Japan: Unusual Rental Universe—You Can Even Rent a Family / Is Coffee the Secret to a Longer Life? / Your Smartphone is Making You a Workplace Slacker / Do Happy People Live Long? / The Power of Music: Using Music to Help Unlock Alzheimer's Patients' Memories / How Microfibers in Clothes are Polluting Our Oceans / True Meaning of Christmas Found in Family's Magical Reunion / High Schooler's "Sit With Us" App Tackles Lunchtime Bullying / Japan Battles Population Decline with Robots, etc. (Total 15 units)