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Let’s Read Aloud & Learn English for Science

Supports TESTUDY online study (with tests)

Authors Teruhiko Kadoyama / Simon Capper
Genres Four Skills / Science / Remedial / TESTUDY
Format B5 / 120P
Price 2,750yen(2,500yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791972630
Audio Language Amer E
For Members
Teacher's Manual hsReading PassagesTeacher's CD_Review TestsPowerPoint for Online Lesson (Unit 1~Unit 15)_hs

Complete with online explanatory slides (PowerPoint) for use in class.

♦Supports TESTUDY online study (with tests)  →for details


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The long-awaited fifth installment in the Let’s Read Aloud series. This comprehensive textbook is made up of stories that revolve around the oncampus life of students enrolled in science and engineering departments. It is ideal material for teaching communication skills to beginners, with emphasis on basic vocabulary and grammar that will come in useful in a wide range of situations. It is also compatible with the web-based English learning system TESTUDY. Accompanying video material allows learners to practice reading aloud in a roleplay format. In addition to two regular exams and quizzes for each chapter, the teacher’s materials contain materials for online classes.

●Supports TESTUDY online study (with tests) →for details


UNIT 01    Everything is new to me. 

UNIT 02    Are you in any clubs?

UNIT 03    Let me introduce a new member to you.

UNIT 04    I’m looking for a part-time job.

UNIT 05    What are you going to do?

UNIT 06    Could you take a look at this slide?

UNIT 07    I’m so frustrated.

UNIT 08    It’s something we need to think about.

UNIT 09    I’m ready to start the experiment.

UNIT 10    I totally forgot to write my report.

UNIT 11    This is still a beta version.

UNIT 12    I’m thinking of joining the course.

UNIT 13    I have to study for the exams.

UNIT 14    I’m worried about my English test.

UNIT 15    Do you have any plans?

(UNIT 01 ~ UNIT 15  Let's Review )

(Total 15 Units)