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Life across the Waves

Authors William A. O’Donnell / Tetsuo Shibagaki
Genres Four Skills / American Affairs
Format B5 / 100P
Price 1,900yen(2,052yen including tax)
ISBN 9784791947850
Audio Language Amer E
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TM Life across the Waves

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An enjoyable look at American life in simple English

Written in clear and simple English, this enjoyable multi-skills text focuses on the daily life of a Japanese student in the USA. The lively selection of topics includes pick-up basketball games, New York-style vs. Chicago-style pizzas. Structured around the daily lives of students, the conversations between Carlos and Mariko provide useful practice. The teacher’s manual contains mini-tests for each unit.


Making Friends / Renting an Apartment / Setting up a Bank Account / Phone and Internet Services / Traveling in the United States / Getting a Car / New York City / Sports / The Neighborhood Party (Barbecue) / Ordering Pizza / Holidays / Weather / Complaining / Farmers’ Markets / Volunteering / College Towns / American History / Native Americans / Government of the United States / Washington, D.C. (Total 20 units)

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