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Thank you for visiting Seibido's English Web Site. Here, you can browse through our extensive collection of English language learning materials, preview pages of our textbooks, sample audio, or learn more about our services.

Seibido Publishing Co., Ltd. is one of the leading English textbook publishing companies in Japan. For over fifty years, Seibido has provided educators and Japanese university and college students with the highest quality English language learning materials in the country. Working closely with experienced English professors, writers and linguistic specilaists, Seibido ensures that each textbook meets the specific needs of Japanese students. We hope that you will find our materials, services and new site helpful.

English education at the Elementary school level is currently the focus of a great deal of attention as a result of English becoming a required class in the upper Elementary school levels.
e-Learning is an innovative blended learning method that combines traditional classroom learning techniques with modern Internet-based study courses.

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