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AFP World News Report 3

with Self-Study DVD/Linguaporta

Authors Makoto Shishido / Kevin Murphy / Mariko Takahashi
Genres DVD / Linguaporta
Format B5 / 120P
Price 2,750yen(2,500yen without tax)
ISBN 9784791947935
Audio Language Amer E / 他
For Members
Teacher's Manual_hsScript CD_Disk 1Script CD Disk 2CD for Review Test ⅡListening

♦The text is also supported by Linguaporta


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This media English text is designed for students approaching English-language newspapers for the first time and those who have trouble with longer texts

This is the third edition of a multi-skills DVD-based text designed to encourage students to participate actively in class activities. The contents consist of carefully selected up-to-date segments from AFP news videos, giving students the chance to improve their listening skills in the context of a variety of global issues. The English level is around 250 headwords, making it relatively easy to handle, and reading skills are developed through extensions of the topics. Through interactive tasks, it also expands practice by allowing students to make speeches and engage in debate. The teacher’s manual contains two end-of-semester tests. It also links to Linguaporta.


Hello Kitty / Life with No Technology / College Major / Climate Change /Food Safety/ Alternative Energy / Women and Education / Smartphones /Wildlife and Development / Fight after Work / Bilingual Education / The Berlin Wall / Luxurious Items / Ebola and Volunteering / Immigration Policy /Future Technology (Total 16 units)